Discover the 5 Best Beaches in Southern Brazil

Brazil is full of wonderful beaches, in this post we gathered along the article for you to know, the 5 Best Beaches In Southern Brazil!

You will surely love to know that there are so many beauties, spread throughout Brazil and that you can visit incredible places without traveling abroad!

And the paradise called the beach is closer than you think! Check it out below!

Atlântida Beach - Capão da Canoa (RS)

Praia da Atlântida is located between the municipalities of Capão de Canoa and Xangri-lá, considered one of the best beaches in southern Brazil.

The beach is perfect for that walk, rest in front of the sea. For people who love the tents on the beach, find many there.

The beach is usually visited by Sufis, who are thirsty to catch a good wave. There, you will find happy parties, restaurants and bars by the sea, to make your trip more perfect.

Grossa Beach - Itapema (SC)

Praia Grossa is located in a small municipality on the coast of Santa Catarina, called Itapema.

Praia Grossa, also known as Praia do Cabeço, 'for those who want a paradisiacal beach, crystal clear water, very green, stones, this is perfect.

Cabras Beach - Tramandaí (RS)

Cabras beach is located between the spa of Cidreira and Tramandaí, a quiet place with few bathers. Excellent for those who want peace and tranquility.

There you will find the latest mobile dunes on the coast of Rio Grande do Sul, which contains several species of birds and other animals. A spectacle!

Estaleiro Beach - Balneário Camboriú (SC)

At Praia do Estaleiro Beach, in Balneário Camboriú, the scenery is beautiful, the sea is blue, and you will have plenty of soft sand, perfect for those looking to rest.

Campeche Island - Florianópolis (SC)

Florianópolis beautiful and wonderful beaches for that unforgettable tour. On Campeche Island. the landscape is made of lots of green, emerald green water and fine sand. The limit of visitors per day on the beach is 800 people.